Mission Statement



The purpose of the PuppyDucks™ enterprise is to offer a channel for David to work from home.

The theme of the company’s work is derived from the illustrations that David is so very fond of and has worked diligently on for years, aka The PuppyDucks™. The PuppyDucks™ are comprised of various character drawings some with both puppy and duck features,  and some that are just pups.

The goals of this company are to offer employment opportunities for David to complete as an illustrator, to continue his personal growth and further develop his communication skills. This includes being the creator of a comic strip (to be published on his website until a publication agrees to house it), greeting/holiday cards, books based on social stories to help further his communication, as well as games that will be derived from the stories as they accumulate.

David’s disability of autism limits his ability to communicate in a conventional manner. Although once he develops relationships, he is then able to convey some of his wants and needs while he also enjoys telling jokes and talking about the events in his life.

David’s communication is limited as he is often blocked when he is unable to get past something. It may be something he immediately wants are or dealing with the anxiety of thinking he might lose something he wants to do. Any of these can block his ability to communicate and his ability to understand what is being explained to him. Again, working with people that he has already established communication with opens up opportunities for him, as they’re able to get him to understand a simple message, assignments given or even just possible fun things to do.

This is why Mom holds these people so dear to her heart. A special heartfelt thanks go out to Gil, Sophia, Maura and Mary who continue to keep in touch with David after he graduated and continue to foster their communication efforts with him. The most beautiful thing is David calls them his “4 good friends”.